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S Dhole & Co.

The company started in the year of 1965 under the entrepreneurship of Sri Satyendra Nath Dhole. In pursuit of his Vision and Dedication to serve mankind, the Company gradually rose with the passage of time. Now in its third generation the company has grown manifolds and new products are being added continuously to provide further growth every year. 

Acquisition of Modern Equipments has enabled the Company to produce high quality products. The flagship brand of this company is SALICAL which has enjoyed a very wide customer base over the years and even after 50 years the product is still growing.

Besides SALICAL OINTMENT, SOFT PLUS (a product to protect dry skin during Winter) PAIN GUARD ( a product to provide effective relief from Headaches , Gouts, Arthritis and other pain) DICLOSET GEL (a product to treat pain & inflammation) RING KR (Specific cream for ringworm infection) ITCH OUT ( for itching & other fungal infections etc.) WINNER (an ointment for the treatment of pain, swelling and inflammation) are already available. Many more products are likely to be introduced shortly. 

The Company has acquired from the Drugs Authority, the G.M.P. Certification for its high quality of manufacturing and G.L.P. for having a well-equipped Testing Laboratory for maintaining very high standard and is backed by a group of expert personnel to maximize utilization of existing facilities in order to improve efficiency and increased productivity.   

The company has a technically capable Management to look after, develop and direct the flow of its business policy with systematic Cost Control Measures.  

At present, the Company has an extensive distribution in the States of Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, U.P, Assam, Tripura, Delhi, Chhattisgarh & Andhra Pradesh apart from West Bengal the mother state with Area-wise Stock Points in various Districts of all these States. The Company engaged M/s. Esar Marketing to market the products through a large number of Skilled Sales Personnel and effective distribution network.