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The S. DHOLE GROUP, one of the oldest Pharmaceutical groups of Kolkata started its journey in 1965 under the entrepreneurship of Sri Satyendra Nath Dhole. The group has been enjoying very good clientage throughout the country for the last 5 decades. There are three major companies in the group viz.

  • S.DHOLE & Co.,

S.Dhole & Co. the oldest among the group is engaged in manufacturing of modern medicines under allopathic drug licence following GMP and GLP norms.

The company started in the year of 1965 under the entrepreneurship of Sri Satyendra Nath Dhole. In pursuit of his Vision and Dedication to serve mankind, the Company gradually rose with the passage of time. Now in its third generation the company has grown manifolds and new products are being added continuously to provide further growth every year. 

M/s. SDI Herbo-Chem Pvt. Ltd. is another manufacturing company of the group which has been engaged in manufacturing of household products - Phenyl (under the brand name of CLEANAL and toilet cleaner under the brand name of GERMI FRESH.).  and a range of ayurvedic medicines.

Esar Marketing was set up in 1997 with the view that all sales and marketing activities will be undertaken by this organisation. The company has successfully lived up to the expectation and has been growing and expanding its base every year.